Anonymous asked: Hey its Taylor. Yeah I do mean that and would you mind doing it for as many episodes as you can.

Okay, so basically the screencaps would look something like this (only bigger)…



Is that alright? And did you want me to make a post with all the screencaps? Or maybe even like a side blog or something. (That might be easiest to format.)

It’ll be maybe a week or two before I can start this. This is turning out to be a kind of a bad week. So I’ll probably be a little longer finishing series 18 up, too.

Anonymous asked: Hey, its Taylor again. I was just wondering when you were going to upload the series 18 episodes. And I was wondering if you could make a gallery of the pictures right at the end after the next time where they do that laugh. I would be more than happy to screenshot them.

Hi, Taylor! Sorry about that! Life got unexpectedly busy. I was trying to finish uploading series 14, but I can start uploading series 18 today. I probably won’t be able to finish uploading for a few days, though.

I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused… Just to make sure, do you mean the picture they always show at the end of each episode, right around when the music stops and the laugh plays? I can do a gallery if you’d like! I don’t mind screenshotting. Did you want that for every episode? (Just let me know if I’ve got this all wrong, haha.)

Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm Taylor and I am watching the show from series 1 and I would like to watch all the episodes I can so could u perhaps but the episodes u have of Series 18 on please if it's not too much trouble.

Hello Taylor! Ooh, starting from series one. YAY. :D

Of course I can! This message is really just what I needed because I’ve been lagging in putting up the rest of the series, even though I’m so close to finishing. I’ll try and get everything up for you as fast as possible.

Anonymous asked: Thank you for uploading Series 16. Before it got taken of UKTVBox, I watched that series nonstop. I love watching the episode where they're on the roman trip and when Kate wees herself. Classic episode.

You’re welcome! Haha, yesss. I know that episode well. :’) I’ll make sure to get that one up for you soon. In fact, I’ll see if I can get it uploaded before I go to work!

EDIT: It’s up! :) P1, P2

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm Scott and I loved Byker Grove growing up. I remember watching a Series 18 episode where Candice Marie, Eve and Kate did a protest against cars. And at the end, Kate got hit by a car. Do you have the episode after that please. I never found out what happened next.

Hey, Scott! This is super unfortunate, but that’s actually the one episode I don’t have. O.O For some reason, no one seems to have it. (It’s episode 16.)

Judging from the “Next Week on Byker Grove” the episode mainly focuses on the premiere of films that people had been working on. I think Kate only ended up getting her leg hurt, and not too badly as she is back a couple episodes later riding her bike. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

Anonymous asked: Hi, if you could, please could you upload Series 16 of Byker Grove.

Of course! Luckily I already have the series 16 episodes in an easy-to-manage file. I started uploading it tonight and should be done sometime this week. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi - I have relatively random question. Which episode of Byker Grove was it that they had the Stars in their Eyes style singing competition? I vaguely remember a girl dressed as Gabrielle (eye patch and all!) and Geoff singing 'Wanna Be In My Gang"! Thanks! Maeve

Hello, Maeve! I welcome all random Byker Grove questions! Haha. :)

I can’t remember if there’s a girl dressed as Gabrielle, but I believe you’re talking about the last episode of series 8. The competition itself is in the very last scene. (Episode links: P1, P2)

Anonymous asked: Do you have caps from the episode of Cher and Karen rehearsing for the talent singing contest

No, but I’d be delighted to make some for you! :) (Though what episode do you mean specifically? I want to make sure I’ve got it right. Cher and Karen spent so much time rehearsing singing, haha.)

Anonymous asked: can you do grange hill plz?

Ack, sorry! I’ve never actually watched Grange Hill. I wanted to, but I didn’t get around to it before the complete series disappeared off the web.

But if there are any specific screencaps or gifs you want made from any episodes of it that are still on youtube or something, I’d be happy to do that for you!