Anonymous asked: lovely blog!!! haha x

Thank you! :)

Anonymous asked: Thank you for the response and thanks for looking. I know he has a younger sister named Victoria and that she's a theatrical agent (VM Talent) so I thought maybe she had done a little acting as well. Guess not!

No problem! You’re welcome. :) Ahhh, that must not be her, since Vicky Murray goes by her married name now. What a shame. It’s always so fun to find connections like that!

Anonymous asked: Hello... Question for you... is the Vicky Murray who plays Alison the sister of actor James Murray? Thanks!

I just did some extensive traveling all over the internet and have come up with no evidence that they are related. Though I also have no evidence that they aren’t related, so who knows! Sorry I couldn’t come up with something more conclusive for you.


I finally acquired and uploaded the two episode halves I was missing. (The second parts of 2x12 and 9x06.)


Aww, this blog is two years old today!

Anonymous asked: When will Series 18, Episode 16 be on and what days and times was Byker Grove on?

I don’t know! I still don’t have it. I’m actually not sure about the airing thing since I’m American, haha. I think it came on at 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

jmgsposts asked: i think your website is amazing - and so does the cast! Just to say I have episode 16 of the final series if you would like me to send it to you.

Oh, wow! Thanks so much! :) And you have that episode?! I would be forever grateful if you did send that to me. :O I don’t know if you need my email address or not, but you can email me at, if so!

Anonymous asked: What did Harry do to Cher in Series 9 or before? I watched the end of episode 4 where Harry says she was responsible for all the stuff that happened to Cher? What exactly did she do and which episodes?
It’s been a while since I watched season nine… but I just skimmed through the first few episodes and here’s what I got. Firstly I’m pretty sure before season nine, Harry hadn’t done anything bad to Cher even though Cher was a horrible friend to her. (Warning: Harry’s one of my favourites. I’m a little biased, haha.)

Okay, in the first few episodes of series nine, Cher continuously treats Harry like crap, except when she wants something from her. At the end of episode two, Cher asks Harry to do a favour for her (which involves putting back some money that Cher had stolen), but instead of hurrying, Harry doesn’t go to the Grove right away and Cher (rightfully) gets in trouble and all the Grovers find out.

In episode three, Harry puts shampoo in a bag of Cher’s clothing. There are some other incidents such as someone writes “Cher is a Thief” on a poster, someone puts Cher’s bra (or bikini top?) on the Grove’s pool table, and someone writes “I’m a sad tart” on a sign Cher had to hold up for Archie’s pool tournament. It’s not clear if Harry did all of these, but I’m assuming she did? (Though at one point Terry puts chewed gum in Cher’s soda can, so others could’ve been responsible since a lot of people were mad at her.) Near the end of episode three, Harry breaks a bottle and puts part of it in Cher’s purse, which she then cuts her hand on.

It all comes to a head at the end of episode four when Harry confesses she was Cher’s tormentor and then… holds her head underwater. But she lets go of course because she’s not really a sociopath just a hurt little girl.

I hope that answers your question! :)