Oops, I basically got the whole series uploaded except for season seventeen.

I think it’s on youtube already? But I should still upload it.

I’ll start working on that today.

Also I want to start rewatching the show again someone stop me.

Ant and Dec at Dermott Donnelly’s ordination to priesthood, 1992.

Anonymous asked: Hello - Which episode is it when Ollie (I think) smears mud in Reginas (I think) mouth? Its a memory locked away in the back of my mind and I would be interested to know if that even existed on the show! I think she was tied up. Might have been other characters.

Hi! I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about! It was indeed Ollie who did the smearing, though it was in Teraise’s mouth, and she was being held back by the boys, not tied up. It happens in series nine, episode seventeen. (It’s about 5 minutes in on this video.) Funny how these things can stick in our mind. Hope that’s helps! :)

Anonymous asked: Thanks for the answer! I am also team Harry and Nat, I think they had a great friendship. Cher was such a cow to Harry at times but even though they could be mean, I did enjoy the Cher, Karen and Sita friendship and the situations they got themselves into. I think that was a very good year for the show, with the Terry, Brigid, and Rob love triangle, and Flora's sad death. The only thing I didn't like about that year was Anna hardly appeared and had no storylines.

Yay! A fellow Harry and Nat lover! :) But yes, I also enjoy the Cher, Karen, Sita dynamic and all the ridiculous and hilarious situations they get themselves into.

I definitely agree! Series nine is one of the best. AHHH FLORA. Such a painful storyline, but so good. I sob every time I watch those last few episodes. I missed having Anna in that season too. I read somewhere that the actress (Claire Graham) had some other commitments that year. :/ At least she didn’t disappear entirely.

Anonymous asked: In Byker Grove in the mid 90s there was a big divide in the girl gangs. So I just wondered were you on team Cher, Karen and Sita, or were you on team Harry and Nat? Also am I wrong or did Harry and Cher never reconcile their differences?

First off, I LOVE this question! Thank you for asking! :D

I am team Harry and Nat forever! They’re actually one of my top 5 favourite friendships on the whole show. Though they had a rough beginning, their relationship was very healthy and well-balanced. And while they had their flawed moments, they weren’t a mean girl clique like Cher, Karen, and Sita often were. (Though I do still love those three. Just not as much.)

I believe you are correct! Though in a series twelve scene, Cher expresses regret to Nat over the fact she and Harry were no longer friends, but I think that’s about it. Though Cher and Harry did show they could be civil to each other.

How about you? Are team Cher, Karen, and Sita or team Harry and Nat? :)

Anonymous asked: What happend to the other cast members of Byker grove Stephen Carr Rory Gibson and Brett Adams and Nicole ewart and Vicky Taylor and George trotter I can't find them online on twitter how old are they all now

Okay, so I don’t know everyone’s exact age, but I would guess all these people were born around 1978 which would make them 36 or around there.

I couldn’t really find anything on Stephen Carr or Rory Gibson, but… I did some minor stalking… and here’s what I found out.

I’m pretty sure Nicola Ewart is married now, as she has a different last name.

Vicky Taylor is married and has two daughters.

Brett Adams is still fishing (haha) and he’s married (I think?) and has several kids.

And George Trotter and his partner (perhaps wife, I don’t know) have a daughter, too.

So yeah, looks like most everyone is living a quiet life with their families. :)

Anonymous asked: Course I will. Can I have your email address please?

Ummm… I’m not sure what this is in response to, but you can email me at treacledreams@gmail.com. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi, it's Taylor. A Blog will be fine.

Okay, great! There’s nothing on there yet, but the blog is here. I’ll start posing stuff there in the next week or so.

Anonymous asked: Hey its Taylor. Yeah I do mean that and would you mind doing it for as many episodes as you can.

Okay, so basically the screencaps would look something like this (only bigger)…



Is that alright? And did you want me to make a post with all the screencaps? Or maybe even like a side blog or something. (That might be easiest to format.)

It’ll be maybe a week or two before I can start this. This is turning out to be a kind of a bad week. So I’ll probably be a little longer finishing series 18 up, too.

Anonymous asked: Hey, its Taylor again. I was just wondering when you were going to upload the series 18 episodes. And I was wondering if you could make a gallery of the pictures right at the end after the next time where they do that laugh. I would be more than happy to screenshot them.

Hi, Taylor! Sorry about that! Life got unexpectedly busy. I was trying to finish uploading series 14, but I can start uploading series 18 today. I probably won’t be able to finish uploading for a few days, though.

I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused… Just to make sure, do you mean the picture they always show at the end of each episode, right around when the music stops and the laugh plays? I can do a gallery if you’d like! I don’t mind screenshotting. Did you want that for every episode? (Just let me know if I’ve got this all wrong, haha.)

Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm Taylor and I am watching the show from series 1 and I would like to watch all the episodes I can so could u perhaps but the episodes u have of Series 18 on please if it's not too much trouble.

Hello Taylor! Ooh, starting from series one. YAY. :D

Of course I can! This message is really just what I needed because I’ve been lagging in putting up the rest of the series, even though I’m so close to finishing. I’ll try and get everything up for you as fast as possible.

Anonymous asked: Thank you for uploading Series 16. Before it got taken of UKTVBox, I watched that series nonstop. I love watching the episode where they're on the roman trip and when Kate wees herself. Classic episode.

You’re welcome! Haha, yesss. I know that episode well. :’) I’ll make sure to get that one up for you soon. In fact, I’ll see if I can get it uploaded before I go to work!

EDIT: It’s up! :) P1, P2